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After numerous requests I am now starting to do mail order!
The words 'poisoned chalice' come to mind with regard to this! Nevertheless I am prepared to continue offering this service.

Let me set out details of the mail order I am offering as a few, of the many enquiries I get, do not appear to understand what I do:

  • If you want a cheap service with small plants in small pots this service is not for you.
  • I do not compromise on quality; this goes for the packaging and couriers as well as the plants. 
  • I usually use next day service.
  • Packaging is extremely important; the plants I produce need to arrive in as good a condition as possible, hence the cost cannot be discounted in the pricing.
  • I do not grow in lightweight composts, this has an effect on the weight of the package and consequently the cost.

Enquiries will be dealt with on an individual basis as not all plants are the same.
After the initial enquiry I will ascertain availability, weight, size and anything else so that I can provide you with a price for plant(s), post and packing.
Payment is to be made by bank transfer or cheque as I'm not set up for payment over the telephone.
No plants will be despatched until funds are in my account.
Plants will be sent out the Monday or Tuesday following clearance of payment; any later and there is a possibility of being held 'in transit' over the weekend.
Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that funds transferred in currencies other than sterling equal the amount quoted otherwise despatch will not be possible until this is resolved.

In conclusion, if you want to order please consider the above before enquiring.  
Please note that all information is given in good faith.

Prices and availability are for guidance and can not be guaranteed.

Please telephone me or use my Contact Us page before making a special journey.