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Current plant list

We aim to have most species available throughout the year but many items sell out quickly and/or are only available during certain months due to the propagation methods used.

If you are planning a visit, please feel free to get in touch in advance to check availability.
At present we are not offering mail order on our plants, but delivery in the local area can be arranged.
Most of our plants are propagated and grown on site apart from varieties with plant breeders rights. These are usually bought in as young plants and grown on by us until they are of a saleable size. 

We also add to our range on a regular basis, introducing new and rare varieties not easily obtained. If you can not find on our list what you are looking for, do get in touch as we may just have it or may be able to source it for you.
We are also offering workshops on plant propagation, from taking cuttings and grafting. Dates will be announced throughout the year.
Choice & Rare Plants - Japanese Niwaki - Bonsai 

Abelia chinensis  
Abelia engleriana  
Abelia mosanensis  
Abelia parvifolia  
Abelia x grandiflora Lake Maggiore
Abelia x grandiflora Sherwoodii
Abelia   Edward Goucher
Abeliophyllum distichum Roseum Group
Abies arizonica Kenwith Blue
Abies balsamea Bear Swamp
Abies balsamea Nana
Abies balsamea Piccolo
Abies cilicica Spring Grove
Abies koreana Cis
Abies koreana Icebreaker
Abies koreana Kristalkugel
Abies koreana Oberon
Abies koreana Pinnochio
Abies koreana Ry
Abies koreana Silver Pearl
Abies koreana Silver Show
Abies nordmanniana Pendula
Abies procera  
Abies veitchii Kramer's Hexenbesen
Abies veitchii Rumburk
Abutilon megapotanicum Variegatum
Abutilon Orange/Red Calyx  
Abutilon pictum Thompsonii
Abutilon vitifolium  
Abutilon   Kentish Belle
Abutilon   Marion
Abutilon   Pink Charm
Acanthus spinosus  
Acer buergerianum  
Acer campestre Carnival
Acer campestre  
Acer cappadocicum Aureum
Acer ginnala  
Acer griseum  
Acer palmatum Amagi Shigure
Acer palmatum Arakawa
Acer palmatum Atropurpureum
Acer palmatum Azuma Murasaki
Acer palmatum Beni Maiko
Acer palmatum Beni Otaki
Acer palmatum Beni Sazanami
Acer palmatum Bi-Ho
Acer palmatum Bloodgood
Acer palmatum Brightwell
Acer palmatum Bronze Wing
Acer palmatum Corallinum
Acer palmatum Crimson Queen
Acer palmatum Deshojo
Acer palmatum Hi no Tsukasa
Acer palmatum Japanese Sunrise
Acer palmatum Kaba
Acer palmatum Kinshi
Acer palmatum Kiyohime
Acer palmatum Koto-no-ito
Acer palmatum Mountain Maple
Acer palmatum Mystic Jewel
Acer palmatum Nishiki Gawa
Acer palmatum Orange Dream
Acer palmatum Oridono Nishiki
Acer palmatum Ornatum
Acer palmatum Peve Dave
Acer palmatum Ryusen
Acer palmatum Sango Kaku (senkaki)
Acer palmatum Sawa Chidore
Acer palmatum Seigen
Acer palmatum Shindeshojo
Acer palmatum Starfish
Acer palmatum Summer Gold
Acer palmatum Ukon
Acer palmatum Viridis
Acer palmatum Wilsons Pink
Acer shirasawanum Aureum
Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon
Acer shirasawanum Jordan
Acer shirasawanum Moonrise
Acer shirazawanum Kinkaure
Achillea millefolium  
Actinidia arguta  
Actinidia kolomikta  
Actinidia tetramera var. maloides
Agapetes   Ludgvan Cross
Agave americana Marginata
Akebia longeracemosa  
Akebia quinata Cream Form
Akebia quinata Shirobana
Akebia quinata  
Akebia trifoliata  
Akebia x pentaphylla  
Alangium platanifolium var. macrophyllum
Albizia julibrissin  
Albizia julibrissin f. rosea  
Althaea officinalis  
Amelanchier alnifolia  
Amelanchier lamarckii  
Amorpha fruticosa  
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Elegans
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata  
Ampelopsis delavayana  
Andromeda polifolia Compacta
Anne Russell opulus Aureum
Arbutus menziesii  
Arbutus unedo var. rubrum
Arbutus unedo  
Argyrocytisus battandieri  
Aristotelia chilensis  
Aristotelia serrata  
Arnica montana  
Aronia arbutifolia Erecta
Aronia x prunifolia Brilliant
Aronia x prunifolia Nero
Artemisia abrotanum  
Artemisia absinthium  
Artemisia vulgaris  
Azara alpina  
Azara integrifolia  
Azara microphylla Variegata
Azara microphylla  
Azara petiolaris (gilliesii)  
Azara serrata  

Backhousia citriodora  
Baptisia australis  
Berberidopsis corallina  
Berberis hookeri var. viridis
Berberis thunbergii Bagatelle
Betula nana  
Billardiera longiflora  
Blepharocalyx crukshankii  
Bomarea edulis  
Broussonetia papyrifera  
Buddleja alternifolia  
Buddleja auriculata  
Buddleja caryopteridifolia  
Buddleja colvileii Kewensis
Buddleja colvileii Pink Form
Buddleja crispa var. farreri
Buddleja fallowiana Lochinch
Buddleja globosa  
Buddleja glomerata  
Buddleja lindleyana  
Buddleja loricata  
Buddleja nivea  
Buddleja salviifolia  
Buddleja x weyeriana Sungold
Buddleja x weyeriana  
Calceolaria pavonii  
Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion
Callistemon sieberii  
Callistemon subulatus Crimson Tail
Calocedrus decurrens  
Calycanthus chinensis  
Calycanthus floridus var. glaucus
Calycanthus floridus  
Calycanthus occidentalis  
Camellia hiemalis  
Campsis radicans f. flava
Campsis radicans Flamenco
Campsis radicans  
Campsis x taglibuana Indian Summer
Cantua buxifolia  
Capsicum annuum Anaheim
Capsicum annuum Black Pearl
Capsicum annuum Bolivian Rainbow
Capsicum annuum Buena Mulat
Capsicum annuum Cherry
Capsicum annuum Corbaci
Capsicum annuum Cow Horn
Capsicum annuum Craig's Grande Jalapeno
Capsicum annuum Golden Cayenne
Capsicum annuum jalapeno M
Capsicum annuum Miniature Chocolate
Capsicum annuum Orange Cayenne
Capsicum annuum Pasilla Bajio
Capsicum annuum Pepperoncini
Capsicum annuum Pequin
Capsicum annuum Poblano L
Capsicum annuum Sweet Cascadura
Capsicum annuum Yolo Wonder Pepper
Capsicum baccatum Bishops Hat
Capsicum chinense Bhut Jolokia Mixed
Capsicum chinense Bico Roxa
Capsicum chinense Biquinho
Capsicum chinense Black Panther
Capsicum chinense Caribbean Red Habanero
Capsicum chinense Defcon 7
Capsicum chinense Devils Heart
Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet jamaica Yellow
Capsicum chinense Yellow Fever
Capsicum pubescens Manzano Yellow
Carpenteria californica Elizabeth
Carpenteria californica  
Carpinus betulus  
Carpinus henryana var. simplicidentata
Carpinus japonica  
Carpinus sp  
Caryopteris divaricata Snow Fairy
Caryopteris x clandonensis First Choice
Caryopteris x clandonensis Grand Bleu
Caryopteris x clandonensis  
Cassiope muirhead  
Catalpa biganoides Aurea
Catalpa x erubescens Purpurea
Cedrus deodara  
Cedrus libani  
Celastrus orbiculatus Hermaphrodite Group
Cephalotaxus harrintoniii var. harringtonii 'Fastigiata'
Ceratostigma griffithii  
Ceratostigma willmottianum  
Cercidiphyllum japonicum  
Cercis canadensis  
Cercis chinensis Avondale
Cercis siliquastrum  
Cestrum elegans  
Cestrum parqui  
Cestrum x cultum Cretan Purple
Chaenomeles speciosa Cameo
Chaenomeles speciosa Kinshiden
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Duncanii
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoodii
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoods Pillar
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Green Globe
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Minima Aurea
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Rimpelaar
Chamaecyparis obtusa Chirimen
Chamaecyparis obtusa Contorta
Chamaecyparis obtusa Dainty Doll
Chamaecyparis obtusa Golden Fern
Chamaecyparis obtusa Hannah
Chamaecyparis obtusa Konijn
Chamaecyparis obtusa Little John
Chamaecyparis obtusa Lucas
Chamaecyparis obtusa Melody
Chamaecyparis obtusa Meroke
Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana
Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana Densa
Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana Gracilis
Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana Lutea
Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana Pyramidalis
Chamaecyparis obtusa Oregon Crested
Chamaecyparis obtusa Reis Dwarf
Chamaecyparis obtusa Rigid Dwarf
Chamaecyparis obtusa Sekka
Chamaecyparis obtusa Snowkist
Chamaecyparis obtusa Tempelhof
Chamaecyparis obtusa Villa Marie
Chamaecyparis obtusa Yellow Tip
Chamaecyparis pisifera Nana
Chamaedaphne caliculata Nana
Chimonanthus praecox  
Chionanthus virginicus  
Cissus striata  
Citrus trifoliata  
Clematis armandi  
Clematis   montana var. grandiflora
Clematis   The President
Clematis   Wada's Primrose
Clerodendrum bungei  
Clerodendrum trichotomum Fargesii
Clethra alnifolia Paniculata
Clethra arborea  
Clethra barbinervis  
Clethra delavayi  
Clethra monostachya  
Colletia hystrix  
Colquhounia coccinea  
Colutea arborescens  
Commelina tuberosa  
Convolvulus cneorum  
Cordyline australis  
Cornus alba Elegantissima
Cornus canadensis  
Cornus capitata  
Cornus controversa Variegata
Cornus controversa  
Cornus florida Cherokee Chief
Cornus florida f. rubra
Cornus kousa  
Cornus sanguinea Compressa
Cornus walteri  
Corokia cotoneaster  
Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca
Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca 'Citrina'
Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca 'Variegata'
Coronilla valentina  
Correa backhouseana  
Correa pulchella  
Correa reflexa var nummulariifolia
Correa schlechtendalii  
Correa   Dusky Bells
Correa   Mannii
Corylopsis pauciflora  
Corylopsis spicata  
Cotoneaster microphyllus  
Crinodendron hookerianum Ada Hoffman
Crinodendron hookerianum  
Crinodendron patagua  
Cryptomeria japonica Crystata
Cryptomeria japonica Dacrydioides
Cryptomeria japonica Elegans
Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Compacta
Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Viridis
Cryptomeria japonica Monstrosa
Cryptomeria japonica Pygmaea
Cryptomeria japonica Rasen-sugi
Cryptomeria japonica Spiralis
Cryptomeria Japonica Spiraliter Falcata
Cryptomeria japonica Tensan
Cryptomeria japonica Vilmorin Gold
Cryptomeria japonica Vilmoriniana
Cryptomeria japonica Yatsubusa-Sugi
Cryptomeria japonica  
Cunninghamia lanceolata  
Cupressus sempervirens  
Cydonia oblonga Serbian Gold
Cytisus x praecox Allgold
Dacrydium cupressinum  
Dactylicapnos macrocapnos  
Daphne bholua Jacqueline Postill
Daphne laureola ssp. philippi
Daphne odora Aureomarginata
Daphne tangutica Retusa Group
Daphne x transatlantica Eternal Fragrance
Davidia Involucrata  
Decaisnea fargesii  
Deinanthe bifida  
Desfontainea spinosa  
Deutzia crenata Pride of Rochester
Deutzia gracilis  
Deutzia longifolia Veitchii
Deutzia ningpoensis  
Deutzia pulchra  
Deutzia scabra Candidissima
Deutzia x elegantissima Fasciculata
Deutzia x elegantissima Rosealind
Deutzia x hybrida Mont Rose
Deutzia x hybrida Strawberry Fields
Deutzia x kalmiiflora  
Deutzia x rosea Carminea
Dichroa febrifuga  
Dicksonia antarctica  
Diervilla x splendens  
Dipelta floribunda  
Dipelta ventricosa  
Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea
Drimys andina  
Drimys winteri  
Dryopteris filix-mas  
Echinacea purpurea  
Edgworthia chrysantha Grandiflora
Elaeagnus longifolius  
Elaeagnus longifolius  
Eleutherococcus sieboldianus Variegatus
Elliottia pyroliflora  
Elscholzia stauntonii White
Elsholtzia stauntonii  
Embothrium coccineum  
Empetrum rubrum  
Enkianthus campanulatus  
Enkianthus cernuus var. rubens
Enkianthus perulatus  
Ensete ventricosum Maurelii
Ephedra chilensis  
Ercilla volubilis  
Escallonia alpina  
Escallonia revoluta  
Escallonia virgata  
Escallonia   Iveyi
Eucomia ulmoides  
Eucomis bicolor  
Eucryphia cordifolia  
Eucryphia glutinosa  
Eucryphia lucida Pink Cloud
Eucryphia x nymansensis Nymansay
Euonymus alatus f. ciliatodentatus
Euonymus cornutus var. quinquecornutus
Euonymus europaeus  
Euonymus phellomanus  
Euonymus planipes  
Euphorbia stygiana  
Eurya japonica Moutiers
Euryops pectinatus  
Exochorda x macrantha The Bride
Fabiana imbricata  
Fagus crenata Mt Fuji
Fagus crenata  
Fagus sylvatica Zlatia
Fagus sylvatica  
Fatsia japonica  
Fothergilla major  
Francoa appendiculata  
Francoa sonchifolia  
Frangula alnus Asplenifolia
Franklinia alatamaha  
Fremontodendron californica California Glory
Freylinia tropica  
Fuchsia campus portoi  
Fuchsia magellanica Lady boothby
Fuchsia magellanica  
Fuchsia microphylla Lottie Hobby
Fuchsia microphylla  
Fuchsia   Hawkshead
Galega officinalis  
Galium odoratum  
Gardenia jasminoides Kleim's Hardy
Garrya elliptica James Roof
Gaultheria hispida  
Gaultheria phillyreifolia  
Gelsemium sempervirens  
Genista aetnensis  
Genista lydia  
Gillenia trifoliata  
Ginkgo biloba Everton Broom
Ginkgo biloba Globosa
Ginkgo biloba Jade Butterflies
Ginkgo biloba Lake View
Ginkgo biloba Mariken
Ginkgo biloba Menhir
Ginkgo biloba Saratoga
Ginkgo biloba Troll
Ginkgo biloba  
Glyptostrobus pensilis  
Gmelina philipinensis  
Gomphostigma virgatum White Candy
Grevillea juniperina sulphurea
Grevillea   Canberra Gem
Gunnera manicata  
Halesia carolina Vestita Group
Halesia carolina  
Halesia monticola Vestita
Halimium ocymoides  
Hamamelis intermedia Diane
Hamamelis intermedia Jelena
Hamamelis intermedia Yamina
Hebe hulkeana  
Hebe pimeleoides Quicksilver
Hebe   Nantyderry
Hebe   Youngii
Hedera helix Minima
Hedychium aurantiacum  
Hedychium coccineum Tara
Hedychium densiflorum Assam Orange
Hedychium greenii  
Hedychium   Daniel Weeks
Hedychium   Dixter
Heimia salicifolia  
Helwingia chinensis  
Heptacodium miconioides  
Hippocrepis emerus  
Hoheria sexstylosa Crataegifolia
Hoheria sexstylosa Stardust
Hoheria   Ace of Spades
Hoheria   Borde Hill
Holboellia coriacea  
Holboellia latifolia  
Holodiscus discolor  
Hosta ventricosa × venusta
Hosta venusta Kew Form
Hosta venusta variegata Kifukurin-otome
Hosta   Amy Elizabeth
Hosta   Blonde Elf
Hosta   Blue Mouse Ears
Hosta   Con te Partiro
Hosta   Corkscrew
Hosta   Cracker Crumbs
Hosta   Dixie Chick
Hosta   Dragon Tails
Hosta   Gemstone
Hosta   Giantland Mouse
Hosta   Golden Spider
Hosta   Green With Envy
Hosta   Ground Sulphur
Hosta   High Socety
Hosta   Hush Puppie
Hosta   Hydon Sunset
Hosta   Iced Lemon
Hosta   Kin Botan
Hosta   Lakeside Elfin Fire
Hosta   Lakeside Scamp
Hosta   Leather Sheen
Hosta   Lemon Lime
Hosta   Limey Lisa
Hosta   Little Aurora
Hosta   Little Red Rooster
Hosta   London Fog
Hosta   Marilyn Monroe
Hosta   Masquerade
Hosta   Ops
Hosta   Pandora's Box
Hosta   Quill
Hosta   Sherbourne Swift
Hosta   Stand By Me
Hosta   Stiletto
Hosta   Thumb Nail
Hosta   Twist of Lime
Humulus lupulus Aureus
Humulus lupulus Golden Tassels
Humulus lupulus Prima Donna
Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris
Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle
Hydrangea aspera Macrophylla
Hydrangea aspera subsp. Sargentiana
Hydrangea aspera Villosa Group
Hydrangea indochinensis f. purpurascens  
Hydrangea macrophylla Blaumeise
Hydrangea macrophylla Dark Angel
Hydrangea macrophylla Eldorado
Hydrangea macrophylla General Vicomtesse de Vibraye
Hydrangea macrophylla Geoffrey Chadbund
Hydrangea macrophylla Hanabi
Hydrangea macrophylla Izu-no-hana
Hydrangea macrophylla King George
Hydrangea macrophylla La France
Hydrangea macrophylla Lanarth White
Hydrangea macrophylla Leuchtfeur
Hydrangea macrophylla Mariesii
Hydrangea macrophylla Merveille Sanguine
Hydrangea macrophylla Nigra
Hydrangea macrophylla Pfau
Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora
Hydrangea paniculata Limelight
Hydrangea quercifolia  
Hydrangea seemannii  
Hydrangea serrata Bluebird
Hydrangea serrata Grayswood



Hypericum perforatum  
Hypericum x inodorum Ysella
Ilex aquifolium Ferox argentea
Ilex crenata  
Indigofera amblyantha  
Indigofera heterantha  
Indigofera himalayensis Silk Road
Indigofera himalayensis  
Indigofera howellii  
Indigofera pendula  
Indigofera pseudotinctoria  
Indigofera szechuensis  
Indigofera tinctoria  
Iochroma australe Andean Snow
Iochroma australe  
Iris ensata  
Isoplexus canariensis  
Itea ilicifolia  
Itea virginica Henry's Garnet
Jasminum humile  
Jasminum humile  
Jasminum officinale Inverleith
Jasminum officinale  
Jasminum parkeri  
Jasminum x stephanense  
Jovellana violacea  
Juniperus chinensis Itoigawa
Juniperus chinensis Kaizuka
Juniperus chinensis Plumosa Aurea
Juniperus chinensis San Jose
Juniperus chinensis  
Juniperus communis Sieben Steinhouser
Juniperus procumbens Nana
Juniperus recurva Castlewellan
Juniperus rigida Soft Needle Form
Juniperus rigida  
Juniperus sabina Selected fine leaf form
Juniperus squamata Blue Star
Juniperus squamata Filborna
Juniperus squamata Mayerii
Juniperus x media Blauws
Kalmia angustifolia Rubra
Kalmia latifolia Carousel
Kalmia latifolia Clementine Churchill
Kalmia latifolia Galaxx
Kalmia latifolia Kaleidoscope
Kalmia latifolia Midnight
Kalmia latifolia Minuet
Kalmia latifolia Nipmuck
Kalmia latifolia Olympic Fire
Kalmia latifolia Ostbo Red
Kalmia latifolia Peppermint
Kalmia latifolia Pinwheel
Kalmia latifolia Silver Dollar
Kalmia polifolia  
Koelreuteria paniculata  
Kolkwitzia amabilis Pink Cloud
Lagerstroemia indica Babette Molly
Lagerstroemia indica Dark
Lagerstroemia indica Light
Larix decidua  
Larix decidua Grey Pearl
Larix decidua Little Bogle
Larix decidua Lollipop
Larix decidua Walterdingen
Larix kaempferi Cascade
Larix kaempferi Haverbeck
Larix kaempferi Magic Gold
Larix laricina W.B. (Witches Broom)
Larix leptolepis  
Larix   Little Bogle
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead
Lavandula officinalis English Lavender
Lavandula stoechas Bandara Purple
Lavandula stoechas  
Lavatera rosea  
Ledum palustre  
Leptospermum scoparium Coral Candy
Leptospermum scoparium Martini
Leptospermum scoparium Red Damask
Leptospermum   Electric Red
Leptospermum   Karo Pearl Star
Leptospermum   Karo Spectrobay
Lespedeza thunbergii subsp. Formosa
Lespedeza thunbergii  
Lethra monostrachya  
Leucopogon colensoi  
Leycesteria crocothyros  
Leycesteria formosa Gold Leaf
Leycesteria formosa  
Liquidambar styraciflua  
Liriodendron tulipifera  
Lithodora oleifolia  
Litsea maupinensis var szechuanica  
Lomatia dentata  
Lomatia ferruginea  
Lomatia hirsuta  
Lonicera crassifolia Little Honey
Lonicera fragrantissima  
Lonicera involucrata var. ledebourii
Lonicera nitida Baggesens Gold
Lonicera Xtellmanniana  
Lophomyrtus x ralphii Logan's Form
Loropetalum chinense Fire Dance
Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum 'Daybreak's Flame'
Luma apiculata Glenleam Gold
Luma apiculata  
Lycamhes ramtonet variegata
Lycium barbarum  
Lycium chinense  
Magnolia figo  
Meconopsis betonicifolia Alaska Form
Meconopsis   Stewart Annand
Melianthus major  
Melissa officinalis Citronella
Melissa officinalis  
Menziesia ciliicalyx Multiflora'
Menziesia multiflora  
Mespilus germanica  
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Chubby
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Schirmans Nordlicht
Metasequoia glyptostroboides  
Mitella makinoi  
Mitraria coccinea Lago Puyehue
Morus nigra  
Muehlenbeckia axillaris  
Muehlenbeckia complexa  
Musa basjoo  
Myrtus apiculata Glanleam Gold
Myrtus communis tarentina
Myrtus communis Variegata
Myrtus communis  
Nandina domestica Firepower
Nandina domestica  
Neillia affinis  
Neillia thibetica  
Oemleria ceraciformis  
Olearia macrodonta  
Osmanthus delavayi  
Osmanthus fragrans  
Osmanthus heterophyllus Aureomarginatus
Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki
Osmanthus heterophyllus Variegatus
Osmanthus heterophyllus  
Ovidia andina  
Oxydendrum arboreum  
Ozothamnus ledifolius  
Paeonia delavayi  
Paeonia lactiflora Ann Cousins
Paeonia lactiflora Baroness Schroeder
Paeonia lactiflora Bowl of Beauty
Paeonia lactiflora Claire de Lune
Paeonia lactiflora Dinner Plate
Paeonia lactiflora Dr. Alexander Fleming
Paeonia lactiflora Festiva Maxima
Paeonia lactiflora Gay Paree
Paeonia lactiflora Henry Bockstoce
Paeonia lactiflora Karl Rosenfield
Paeonia lactiflora Madame Gaudichau
Paeonia lactiflora Paula Fay
Paeonia lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt
Paeonia ludlowii  
Paeonia rockii C1612 classic rockii type
Paeonia rockii C16-13
Paeonia rockii C18-14
Paeonia rockii Gansu Mudan Hybrid
Paeonia rockii Guang Hui Li Chen' 6-1-4
Paeonia rockii Hei Nue Deng' 9-1-10
Paeonia rockii Hong Hai Qing Long' 6-4-4
Paeonia rockii San Hua Nu' 8-4-2
Paeonia rockii Xiao Xue' 1-3-4
Paeonia rockii Xue Hai Bing Xin' 6-1-5
Paeonia rockii Yu Lou San Jin' 1-5-10
Paeonia suffruticosa Cardinal Vaughn
Paeonia suffruticosa  
Pandorea pandorana  
Parrotia persica  
Parrotia persica Vanessa
Parthenocissus henryana  
Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii
Paulownia tomentosa  
Penstemon   Abbotsmerry
Penstemon   Alice Hindley
Penstemon   Apple Blossom
Penstemon   Beckford
Penstemon   Blackbird
Penstemon   Catherine de la Mare
Penstemon   Charles Rudd
Penstemon   Evylyn
Penstemon   Firebird
Penstemon   Garnet (Andenken an Friedrich Hahn)
Penstemon   Geoff Hamilton
Penstemon   Husker Red
Penstemon   King George V
Penstemon   Maurice Gibbs
Penstemon   Midnight
Penstemon   Pensham Arctic Fox
Penstemon   Port Wine
Penstemon   Raven
Penstemon   Rubicundus
Penstemon   Schoenholzeri
Penstemon   Snowstorm (White Bedder)
Penstemon   Sour Grapes
Periploca graeca  
Perovskia atriplicifolia  
Philadelphus coronarius Variegatus
Philesia magellanica  
Phormium tenax  
Photinia davidiana  
Phygelius aequalis Yellow Trumpet
Phygelius x rectus African Queen
Phygelius x rectus Moonraker
Phyllocladus trichomanoides var. alpinus Blue Blades
Phyllocladus trichomanoides var. alpinus Highland Lass
Phyllocladus trichomanoides var. alpinus Highlander
Phyllosachys aurea  
Phyllosachys aureosulcata Aureocaulis
Phyllosachys nigra  
Physocarpus opulifolius Dart's Gold
Physocarpus opulifolius Diabolo
Physocarpus opulifolius Lady in Red
Physocarpus opulifolius Midnight
Picea abies Clanbrassilliana
Picea abies Clanbrassilliana
Picea abies Geel
Picea abies Janna
Picea abies Little Gem
Picea abies Sargentii
Picea abies Tompa
Picea glauca Alberta Globe
Picea Glauca Albertiana Conica
Picea glauca Arnesons Blue
Picea glauca Baby
Picea glauca Beisenthaler Fruhling
Picea glauca Blue
Picea glauca Blue Planet
Picea glauca Daisys White
Picea glauca Globe
Picea glauca Laurin
Picea glauca Little John
Picea glauca Nana Hage
Picea glauca Pygmaea
Picea jezoensis  
Picea mariana Nana
Picea mariana Pygmaea
Picea pungens Blue Pearl
Picea sitchensis Nana
Picea   Charamachiba
Pileostegia viburnoides  
Pimelea oreophila  
Pinus aristata Sherwoods Compact
Pinus armandii  
Pinus banksiana HE4
Pinus banksiana Manomet
Pinus bungeana  
Pinus densiflora Low Glow
Pinus densiflora Pendula
Pinus densiflora Pierrick Bregeon
Pinus densiflora Pygmy
Pinus flexilis Pygmaea
Pinus flexilis Tiny Temple
Pinus gerardiana  
Pinus leucodermis Schmitti
Pinus mugo Kissen
Pinus mugo Mike Statham
Pinus mugo Ophir 
Pinus mugo Tuffet
Pinus mugo var pumillo
Pinus mugo Yellow Tip
Pinus mugo  
Pinus nigra Sycow
Pinus nigra  
Pinus parviflora  Baasch’s Form
Pinus parviflora Amanogawa
Pinus parviflora Bunty
Pinus parviflora Fukai
Pinus parviflora Goldilocks
Pinus parviflora Hagaromo
Pinus parviflora Hatchichi
Pinus parviflora Hatsumari
Pinus parviflora Ha-tzumari
Pinus parviflora Kobe
Pinus parviflora Lazio compactor
Pinus parviflora Myojo
Pinus parviflora Pygmy Yatsabusa
Pinus parviflora Regenhold
Pinus parviflora Sage Tiers
Pinus parviflora San-bo
Pinus parviflora Schoons Bonsai
Pinus parviflora Shika Shima
Pinus parviflora Shikoku Goyo
Pinus parviflora Shimada
Pinus parviflora Shin Sen
Pinus parviflora Tai Mai Uki
Pinus parviflora Tokyo Dwarf
Pinus parviflora Tribune
Pinus parviflora Zui-sho
Pinus parviflora  
Pinus pinea  
Pinus strobus Himmelblau (White Mountain)
Pinus strobus Mackopin
Pinus strobus Nivea
Pinus strobus Ontario
Pinus strobus Pendula
Pinus strobus Pygmaea
Pinus strobus Sea Urchin
Pinus sylvestris Beauvronensis
Pinus sylvestris Dareham
Pinus sylvestris Humble Pie
Pinus sylvestris James & Graham
Pinus sylvestris Knowle
Pinus sylvestris Ronald Corley
Pinus sylvestris Saxatilis
Pinus sylvestris Westonbirt
Pinus sylvestris  
Pinus tabuliformis  
Pinus thumbergii Mikawa
Pinus thunbergii Kotobuki
Pinus thunbergii Mikawa
Pinus thunbergii Thunderhead
Pinus thunbergii Yumaki
Pinus wallichiana Nana
Pinus wallichiana  
Piptanthus nepalensis  
Pittosporum crassifolium Variegatum
Pittosporum tenuifolium Abbotsbury Gold
Pittosporum tenuifolium Garnettii
Pittosporum tenuifolium Gold Star
Pittosporum tenuifolium Golf Ball
Pittosporum tenuifolium Irene Paterson
Pittosporum tenuifolium Purpureum
Pittosporum tenuifolium Silver Queen
Pittosporum tenuifolium Tandara Gold
Pittosporum tenuifolium Tom Thumb
Pittosporum tenuifolium  
Pittosporum tenuofolium Purpureum
Pittosporum tenuofolium Tom Thumb
Pittosporum tobira Nanum
Pittosporum   Irene Paterson
pittosporum   Tandara Gold
Platicladus orientalis Bonner Hexe
Podocarpus nivalis Lodestone
Podocarpus nivalis Otari
Podocarpus nivalis Ruapehu
Podocarpus salignus  
Podocarpus totara Albany Gold
Podocarpus totara Pendulus
Podocarpus   Andinus
Polypodium vulgare  
Polystichum setiferum Proliferum
Potentilla fruticosa Abbotswood
Potentilla fruticosa Daydawn
Potentilla fruticosa Elizabeth
Potentilla fruticosa Grace Darling
Potentilla fruticosa Hopley Orange
Potentilla fruticosa Limelight
Potentilla fruticosa Primrose Beauty
Potentilla fruticosa Sophie's Blush
Primula auricula Arundel
Primula auricula Dilly Dilly
Primula auricula Fred Booley
Primula auricula Handsome Lass
Primula auricula Hinton Fields
Primula auricula Robin Hood
Primula auricula War Paint
Primulus auricula   Selected seedlings
Prostanthera cuneata  
Prostanthera cuneata  
Prostanthera phylicifolia  
Prostanthera rotundifolia  
Prostanthera walteri  
Prostranthera ovalifolia Variegata
Prunus cerasifera Hessei
Prunus mume albiflorum
Prunus mume Beni Chidori
Prunus mume Pendula
Prunus  tenella Fire Hill
Pulsatilla vulgaris  
Punica granatum  
Quercus ilex  
Quercus robur  
Quercus suber  
Rhamnus alaternus Argenteovariegata
Rhamnus frangula Asplenifolia
Rhaphiolepis umbellata  
Rhaphiolepis x delacourii Coates Crimson
Rhaphithamnus spinosus  
Rhodohypoxis baurii Dark Pink
Rhodohypoxis baurii Pale Pink
Rhodohypoxis baurii White
Rhodotypos scandens  
Romneya coulteri  
Rosa banksiae Lutea
Roscoea cautleyoides  
Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus
Rosmarinus officinalis  
Rubus calycinioides  
Rubus spectabilis  
Ruscus aculeatus  
Salix subopposita  
Salvia leucantha  
Sambucus nigra Black Tower
Sambucus nigra Linearis
Sambucus nigra Straight Lace
Santolina chamaecyparissus  
Santolina virens  
Saponaria officinalis  
Sarcococca confusa  
Sarcococca hookerana digyna
Sarcococca ruscifolia  
Sarcococca wallichii  
Schinus molle  
Schinus montanus  
Schinus patagonicus  
Schinus polygama  
Schisandra chinensis  
Schizophragma hydrangeoides Moonlight
Schizophragma hydrangeoides Roseum
Sciadopitys verticillata  
Scutellaria baicalensis  
Scutellaria laterifolia  
Senna marilandica  
Sequiodendron giganteum  
Sequoia sempervirens  
Solanum crispum Glasnevin
Sollya heterophylla  
Sophora cassioides  
Sophora microphylla  
Sophora   Little Baby
Sorbaria sorbifolia Sem
Sorbaria sorbifolia  
Sorbus fruticosa  
Sorbus koehneana  
Sorbus microphylla  
Sorbus monbeigii  
Sorbus pseudovilmorinii  
Sphaeralcea incana  
Sphaeralcea munroana Newleaze Coral
Stachyurus praecox  
Stauntonia hexaphylla  
Stephanandra incisa Crispa
Stephanandra tanakae  
Stranvaesia davidiane  
Stuartia monadelpha  
Sycopsis sinensis  
Syringa komarowii  
Syringa meyeri Palibin
Syringa x persica  
Tamarix tetrandra  
Tasmannia lanceolata  
Taxodium distichum Peve Minaret
Taxodium distichum  
Taxus baccata Fastigiata Aurea
Taxus baccata Ivory Tower
Taxus cuspidata  
Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex
Teucrium chamaedrys  
Teucrium fruticans Compactum
Teucrium scorodonia Crispum
Thjopsis dolobrata  
Thuja occidentalis Anniek
Thuja occidentalis Brobecks Tower
Thuja occidentalis Golden Anne
Thuja occidentalis Jantar
Thuja occidentalis Malyona Halub
Thuja occidentalis Mr. Bowling Ball
Thuja occidentalis Perk Vlanderen
Thuja occidentalis Smaragd
Tibouchina paratropica  
Trachelospermum asiaticum Copper Tips
Trachelospermum asiaticum  
Trachelospermum jasminoides Major
Trachelospermum jasminoides Variegatum
Trachelospermum jasminoides Wilsonii
Trachycarpus fortunei  
Trochocarpa clarkei  
Trochocarpa thymifolia  
Trochodendron aralioides  
Tsuga canadensis Essex
Ugni molinae Flambeau
Ugni molinae  
Ulex europaeus  
Ulmus canescens  
Ulmus parviflolia Yatsabusa
Ulmus parvifolia Seiju
Ulmus parvifolia Yatsabusa
Ulmus parvifolia  
Vesalea (Abelia) floribunda  
Vestia foetida  
Viburnum sargentii Onondago
Viburnum x burkwoodii Anne Russell
Viburnum x juddii  
Vitex agnus-castus  
Waldsteinia geoides  
Weigela coraeensis  
Weigela middendorffiana  
Wisteria brachybotrys Murasaki-kapitan
Wisteria brachybotrys Shiro-kapitan
Wisteria floribunda Multijuga
Wisteria floribunda Yae-kokuryu
Wisteria sinensis Alba
Wisteria sinensis Amethyst
Wisteriae brachybotrys Showa-beni
x Halimiocistus wintonensis Merrist Wood Cream
x Halimiocistus wintonensis
x Phylliopsis Mermaid
Xanthoceras sorbifolium
Xanthorhiza simplicissima
Zauschneria californica Dublin
Zauschneria californica Ed Carman
Zelkova serrata
Zenobia pulverulenta

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